LAHRS Young EP section


The LAHRS Young EP group arises from the need of young members of the Latin American electrophysiological community to become visible and manage activities according to the particular interests of the sector. After several internal conversations at LAHRS, the creation of the section is made official at the Society’s General Assembly, in the context of the LAHRS 2023 Congress in Mexico City.


Support the professional, technical, research and human development of the community of young Latin American electrophysiologists to contribute to raising the scientific level of the subspecialty in the region.


To constitute ourselves as a reference group at a regional and international level, which integrates young Latin American electrophysiologists for scientific, technical and human exchange in the search for excellence in care for heart rhythm pathologies.

Inclusion criteria:

Active members of LAHRS

Up-to-date corporate obligations (membership fee)

Age less than 40 years

In case of age over 40 years, within the first 3 years after completion of the electrophysiology fellowship.


Directing Committee: Coordinator: Juan Díaz-Heredia (Ecu), Vice-Coordinator: Sergio Díaz-Tostado (Mex), Secretary: Andrés Miranda (Col), Member: Leonardo Guido-López (Arg).

National Coordinators: 1 Coordinator for each LAHRS member country.

Full members: All LAHRS members who meet the group inclusion criteria and express their willingness to participate in LAHRS Young EP activities.

Associate members: delegates of the youth groups of international rhythm societies. 1 delegate for EHRA Young EP, 1 delegate for APHRS Young EP and 1 delegate for HRS.


Joint webinar with APHRS held in January 2024.

Session with Emerging SIAC Leaders at the SIAC 2024 Congress, June 6, 2024.

Editorials on topics of interest on the LAHRS website

Webinar: Latin American Electrocardiography Gala. June 13, 2024

LAHRS Young EP Session – LAHRS 2024 Congress, November 2024

I want to join”: