LAHRS 2018 Conference – Cartagena

On November 29th and 30th, the first official conference of our society –LAHRS 2018- was held in Cartagena, Colombia. More than 300 specialists from all Latin America attended the conference, and it was considered a success in all possible ways.

The scientific program approached and discussed topical issues about syncope, sudden cardiac death, atrial fibrillation ablation, ventricular tachycardia, prevention of thromboembolism, resynchronization therapy, and electrode extraction, among others.

There were joint sessions with sister supranational societies from Europe (EHRA), Asia/Oceania (APHRS), and the United States (HRS), ending the year’s schedule agreed with them, besides having the presence of official delegates from all those institutions. The joint activity with the Pacing and Electrophysiology Section of the Sociedad Española de Cardiología was outstanding, as well as the meeting with the first authorities of the Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society (PACES).

There was also time for social activities, in an informal and relaxed environment, between attendees and guests. This is quite significant, as it helps to disseminate Latin American electrophysiology to the rest of the world.

The regular annual assembly was held, in which there were decisions made on all the topics included in the agenda.

Everything went according to plan, with sensible expectations for our first event, and with a lot of room to grow and improve. LAHRS is a consolidated hallmark that rightly makes all Latin Americans proud. We hope that the enthusiasm we feel as we returned, keeps spreading.


Thursday, November 29, 2018, Hall Bolívar 2, Hilton Hotel, Cartagena, Colombia.

First call at 13 hours: no statutory quorum.

Second call at 13:30 hours; the session starts with 46 attendees. The outgoing President, Dr. Roberto Keegan reads the agenda, already reported in the announcement.

  1. Statement of accounts 

The outgoing treasurer, Dr. Alejandro Cuesta, presents a report on the institutional situation: Achievement of legal status, record of by-laws, founding members, opening of bank accounts, and agreement with credit cards to collect the membership fees.

It is reported that the Society still has no headquarters of its own, and that it operates by an agreement with the Sociedad Uruguaya de Cardiología. It is reported that there is still no hired staff and that all work is done by the payment of independent professional fees or for free.

An institutional Web page has been created, posted in three languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English) and a weekly report letter is sent by e-mail to all members.

The financial report is presented. To this date, there is a positive balance of 43,635 US dollars.

From the financial point of view, there is a debt of 40,527 US dollars with EHRA for their participation in two documents, for which there is planned funding that has not realized yet. There is also a debt of 11,920 US dollars not yet due and with no funding for it.

Questions are asked, and satisfaction is expressed because of the historical level of organization achieved.

The following is approved:

  • Approval of temporary regulations

The regulations on elections and conferences, already presented on the Web site, are submitted for the consideration of the attendees, and no objections or modifications are proposed.

The following is decided: To approve both regulations permanently.

  • Appointment of Honorary Members

It is reported that the outgoing Executive Committee proposed the appointment of all the previous Presidents of SOLAECE as Honorary Members, as well as colleagues from other countries that have made very significant contributions for LAHRS to become a reality. There are no objections or modifications proposed. The proposal is approved.

Andrea Natale, Angelo Auricchio, Antonio Curnis, Bryan cannon, Carlos Morillo, Gabriel Varnagy, Diego Vanegas, Douglas Packer, George Van Hare, Gerhard Hindricks, Guilherme Fenelon, Hugh Calkins, John Camm, Jonathan Kalman, Jose Luis Merino, Josep Brugada, Lluis Mont, Luis Aguinaga, Luis Molina, Oscar Oseroff, Raul Weiss, Sami Viskin, Silas Galvao y Thomas Deering.

Daniel Barnaghi by Gabriel Varnagy and Thomas Deering by Deering.

  • Annual membership fee

The outgoing President reports that the payment system of the fee by online credit card is already operational, but payment increases slowly.

It is proposed to keep the yearly fee in 100 US dollars for the next term. There are no objections, and there are no modifications proposed. It is approved.

  • Future conferences
  • LAHRS 2019

There was a proposal to conduct LAHRS 2019 in Buenos Aires, jointly with the Congreso Argentino de Arritmias and with the support of local societies.

The outgoing President reports the existence of a signed agreement between the World Society of Arrhythmias (WSA) and the Sociedad Argentina de Electrofisiología Cardíaca (SADEC) to make a joint conference. In the conversations held with their authorities, LAHRS offered a participation that does not satisfy the Executive Committee in terms of form and finances.

Alternatives are discussed and different opinions are proposed, with the presence and participation in the room of Dr. Oscar Oseroff, that is also a representative of WSA and Dr. Rodolfo Sansalone, who is also the current President of SADEC.

The following is decided:

  1. To hand over to the Executive Committee the necessary measures to make possible the performance of a joint conference in year 2019 in Buenos Aires, taking into account the level of representation and influence of LAHRS in Latin America.
  2. To request from the WSA and SADEC a proposal contemplating our previous goals.
  3. LAHRS 2020

The performance of said event is proposed, this time to be held in Mexico. There is a chance to advance it to 2019 if the previous agreement is not achieved.

It is decided to approve it.

  • Dr. Fernando Vidal from the Dominican Republic makes a formal presentation offering the city of Punta Cana in his country to hold LAHRS 2021.

It is decided to approve the candidacy of the city.

  • Brazil is proposed as next host country, and the choice of city is being defined internally in said country.

If the steps taken to hold LAHRS 2019 in Buenos Aires fail, the order of host cities will be maintained, advancing them one year.

  • Election of the Official LAHRS Journal

Proposals have been received from the prestigious journals: PACE, HICE and JCE to conduct agreements by which they would be the official scientific journal of LAHRS.

The outgoing Secretary, Dr. Marcio Figueiredo shows a presentation with a comparative study of the three proposals.

Opinions are exchanged.

It is decided to entrust the incoming Executive Committee with deciding between the proposals presented.

  • Change of Authorities

Elections are held in time and manner, according to the by-laws and the transitory regulations, and the result of the elections is presented to the Assembly. There are no objections, it is approved, and the new Authorities of LAHRS for the 2019-2020 term are proclaimed.

Position Name Country
President Luis Carlos Sáenz Colombia
Secretary Manlio Márquez Mexico
Treasurer Alejandro Cuesta Uruguay
First Board Member José Moltedo Argentina
Second Board Member Heliodoro Rodríguez Venezuela
Vice President Márcio Figueiredo Brazil
Deputy Secretary Néstor López Cabanillas Argentina
Deputy Treasurer Sebastián Massaferro Uruguay
Third Board Member Armando Alfaro Costa Rica
Fourth Board Member Ricardo Alkmin Brazil

The elected President, Dr. Luis Carlos Sáenz speaks, expresses his gratefulness, summarizes his aims for the next term, and the assembly ends.

Dr. Roberto Keegan
Outgoing President

Dr. Marcio Figueiredo
Elected Vice President

Dr. Luis Carlos Sáenz
Elected President

Dr. Alejandro Cuesta
Outgoing and elected Treasurer