Ponencias LAHRS 2020

2nd Week (November 16th – 23rd)

November 16th

Electrocardiographic Evaluation of Channelopathies
Chair: Adrian Baranchuk (CAN)
Introduction watch video
The value of ECG in the diagnosis and prognosis of Channelopathies By Andrew Krahn (CAN) watch video
ECG of Long QT and Short QT By Pieter Postema (NLD) watch video
ECG of Andersen-Tawil and Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia By Manlio Marquez (MEX) watch video
ECG of Brugada Síndrome By Adrian Baranchuk (CAN) watch video
Pediatric EP I
Chair: Jose Moltedo (ARG)
Introduction watch video
Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome: what´s the future of this centennial disease By Leonardo Liberman (USA) watch video
Challenging accessory pathway ablations: tools and techniques By Christopher Snyder (USA) watch video
Arrythmias in Ebstein´s Anomaly: how do we approach them in 2020 By Bryan Cannon (USA) watch video
Atrial flutter in congenital heart disease: a challenge or a nightmare By Jeffrey Kim (USA) watch video
Pediatric EP II
Chair: Jose Moltedo (ARG)
Introduction watch video
Ventricular dysfunction induced by frequent PVCS´s in children: myth or reality By Mitchell Cohen (USA) watch video
Genetics and Arrhythmias: what´s new? By Gaurav Arora (USA) watch video
Brugada syndrome in children: what´s new in 2020? By Georgia Sarquelle Brugada (ESP) watch video
Cardiac resynchronization therapy in children and patients with congenital heart disease: where do we stand in 2020. By Santiago Valdes (USA) watch video

November 17th

Physiologic Pacing
Chair: Alexander Romero dal Forno (BRA)
Introduction watch video
Anatomy and Physiology of Conduction System By Jose Angel Cabrera (ESP) watch video
How to perform His Purkinje Conduction System Pacing? By Haran Burri (CH) watch video
His Purkinje Conduction System Pacing for Bradycardia By Alexander Dal Forno (BRA) watch video
His Purkinje Conduction System Pacing for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy By Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman (USA) watch video
Advanced Techniques for CIED I
Chair: Nestor L. Cabanillas (ARG)
Introduction watch video
Basic but essential changes for a successful CRT implantation: More important that you think By Federico Malavassi (CR) watch video
How to use a telescopic system to reduce implant time and improve lead placement? By Néstor López Cabanillas (ARG) watch video
Snares for LV lead implantation: The most powerful technique for difficult LV lead insertion Néstor López Cabanillas (ARG) watch video
How to cross a subclavian occlusion and perform venoplasty for venous access By Néstor López Cabanillas (ARG) watch video

November 18th

Advanced Techniques for CIED II
Chair: Nestor L. Cabanillas (ARG)
Introduction By Nestor L. Cabanillas (ARG) watch video
Introduction By Seth Worley (USA) watch video
How to use balloons as an anchor and to perform coronary venoplasty? By Seth Worley (USA) watch video
The coronary sinus and its anatomic variants, don´t be afraid if you have to deal with a persistent superior vena cava By Seth Worley (USA) watch video
How to make simple a right sided CRT implant? By Eduardo del Rio Bravo (MEX) watch video
Is Transeptal JURDHAM LV endocardial technique an option for CRT? By Benjamín Elencwajg (ARG) watch video
Transvenous lead extraction: state of the art, and perspectives of use in LATAM
Chair: Hector Mazzetti (ARG)
Introduction watch video
Lead extraction: current scenario. Indications for use, and results obtained from different tools and techniques By Juan Carlos Diaz (COL) watch video
Preparing the patient for prevention and correction of major complications: preoperative examination and intraoperative monitoring (what imaging tests to order, and how to interpret them / how to anesthetize and monitor patients) By Hector Mazzetti (ARG) watch video
Handling noninfected leads: to extract or to abandon (risks and benefits of elective lead extraction) By Santiago Nava (MEX) watch video
Lead Extraction in Latin America: Survey and Data Records. By Roberto Costa (BRA) watch video
Joint Session LAHRS/SOBRAC – Hot Questions in Implantable Devices
Chair: Ricardo Alkhim (SOBRAC President)
Introduction watch video
Remote Monitoring of CIED: Are we taking advantage of its full potential? By Alex Pacheco Bouthillier (MEX) watch video
ICD for Primary Prevention: is it time to rethink? By Ricardo Alkmim Teixeira (BRA) watch video
CRT currently: is it possible and necessary to improve? By Alexsandro Alves Fagundes (BRA) watch video
His and LBB pacing: is the end of conventional PM and CRT? By Pedro Carmo (POR) watch video
Joint Session LAHRS/CCEEF – Dispositivos de estimulación cardiaca implantables: función, resolución de problemas y gestión
Chair: Antonio Miranda (Colombian Collage of EP President) – Spanish Language
Introduction watch video
Electrocardiograma en pacientes con dispositivos de ritmo cardiaco By Antonio Carlos Miranda Hoyos (COL) watch video
Manejo del paciente con descargas del cardiodesfibrilador By Juan Carlos Diaz Martinez (COL) watch video
Monitoria cardiaca implantable en FA: Una estrategia para la toma de decisiones terapéuticas individualizadas By Diego Ignacio Vanegas-Cadavid (COL) watch video
Manejo perioperatorio del paciente con dispositivos de ritmo cardiaco By Julian Miguel Aristizabal (COL) watch video

November 20th

Joint Session LAHRS/EHRA Chair: Marcio Figueiredo (LAHRS VP) Christophe Leclercq’s (EHRA President) watch video

Webinar – Satellite Symposium by Medtronic Cardiac Stimulation on the XXI Century watch video
Webinar – Epicardial mapping and ablation – Celebrating Dr. Eduardo Sosa Chair: Mauricio Scanavacca (BRA) Co-Chair: Francis Edward Marchlinski (USA) watch video
Webinar – Cardioneuroablation Chair: Carlos Morillo (CAN) Co-Chair: Kalyanam Shivkumar (USA) watch video